07/13/2011 10:45 EDT | Updated 09/12/2011 05:12 EDT

Dogs That Ate Owners Remains Given All Clear For Adoption By Celebrity Trainer Brad Patterson

THE CANADIAN PRESS -- SPRINGSIDE, Sask. - A famous dog trainer has checked out seven dogs who ate the remains of their dead owners and has proclaimed they pose no danger to anyone.

Brad Patterson hosts "Puppy SOS" and is also a trainer on the Slice TV show "At the End of My Leash."

He spent all Wednesday at the Saskatoon SPCA working with the dogs.

He says the dogs have good dispositions, are compatible with people, and had no trouble being checked out.

The dogs belonged to a devoted couple who lived in a rural home in eastern Saskatchewan.

When the wife died after an illness, her husband then killed himself, leaving the dogs behind to fend for themselves.

Patterson says the dogs did what they had to, and are not dangerous animals.

"You just can't assume just because they've had human flesh, that they're going to become these creatures of the night, like a werewolf," says Patterson.

He believes two of the dogs may be mourning their dead owner.

"The only part of their temperament that has changed is the depression that they've lost something significant in their lives," he says.

Patterson feels the dogs are healthy and could live in any home, even with children.

Margaret-Ann Irving, a dog breeder who knew the couple, has said the dogs should be euthanized because they were poorly socialized and had behavioural issues.