07/14/2011 04:31 EDT | Updated 09/13/2011 05:12 EDT

Philippe Truchon, Cyber-Predator, Gets Two-Year Prison Sentence


THE CANADIAN PRESS -- MONTREAL - After preying on 285 young girls, and getting them to remove their clothes in front of their computer, a convicted cyber-predator received his sentence Thursday: two years in prison.

Philippe Truchon, who used Facebook and chat sites to convince adolescent girls to take off their clothes, was handed that penalty at the Montreal courthouse.

The sentence was far more lenient than the five years Crown prosecutors has asked for.

Judge Isabelle Rheault called Truchon a manipulator and a liar -- but her ruling took into account a pre-sentencing report that said therapy might help him.

The Crown said it was considering an appeal.

One Montreal media report from the trial said he would compliment the girls, telling them they had the physique of an older woman. That same report in Montreal La Presse said he convinced one 13-year-old victim to send a nude photo of her seven-year-old sister.