07/21/2011 08:08 EDT | Updated 09/20/2011 05:12 EDT

Heat Wave: Canada And U.S. Front Pages Tell Us It's Hot Out

Much of Canada is going to be a hot place today, as watercooler talk turns to the weather in a big way. A heat dome is hovering over many parts of the country, and heat records may fall as the temperatures rise.

How hot?

Winnipeg was sweltering under a high of 34.4 C on Tuesday and Regina baked at 31.9 C. As the dome settles a bit further east, Environment Canada is predicting the mercury will hit 37 C Thursday in Toronto. Further south in Windsor, Ont., it's expected to go up to a scorching 39 C.

Here are some Canadian and U.S. front pages. Expect more on Friday.