07/27/2011 10:00 EDT | Updated 09/26/2011 05:12 EDT

Smoke On Air Canada Plane Over Sydney, Australia: Flight AC34 Drops Fuel

Air Canada

SYDNEY - An Air Canada flight resumed flying to Vancouver early Thursday after being forced to return to Sydney, Australia after smoke was detected in the plane's rear galley.

A crew member aboard the Boeing 777 detected smoke in an oven about 30 minutes after leaving Sydney, said Jeannie Foster, the airline's general manager for Australia and New Zealand.

The pilots dumped fuel before turning back towards Sydney, where the plane landed safely shortly after noon local time. Foster said the pilots did not declare an emergency.

"The captain made the right decision and decided to come back to Sydney to check it out as a safety precaution," Foster said in an interview.

"They had to dump fuel because it's a very heavy airplane with 15 hours worth of fuel to get to Canada."

None of the 262 passengers on board was injured, said Foster adding that initial media reports that a fire had broken out on the plane were incorrect.

"There was no fire, never any fire reported," Foster said.

"It's actually a non-event to be honest, I'm very surprised at how much excitement it's caused."

Foster said there was no damage to the plane and no smoke entered the cabin. The passengers were taken off the plane as engineers examined the aircraft.

Foster said the over was removed and the plane took off for Vancouver less than two hours after it returned to the airport.

A screenshot from a flight tracker by Twitter user @robbiejwood shows that the plane was well over water when it was forced to turn back to Sydney.

The Boeing 777 has about 270 seats, according to Air Canada's description of the plane.

According to Air Canada's specifications on the jet, the Boeing series jet was added to the airline's fleet in 2007. It has a range of 17,400 kilometres.

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