07/27/2011 09:01 EDT | Updated 09/26/2011 05:12 EDT

Debt Ceiling: Twitter Chatter Includes 'Move To Canada' Sentiment

Now that Washington is on the brink — with looming debt ceiling deadlines sending the Canadian dollar soaring, negotiations that start then falter, ongoing Presidential addresses and responses — talk has, of course, filtered on to Twitter.

As in other times of crisis, Americans joke about fleeing up north, where taxes are high and the debt ceiling is not a worry.

One tweet from Kentucky sums up some of the musings happening on the social network. "All this debt in-fighting in D.C. is making me wish I lived in Canada, Australia, or the UK. I'm ashamed of my government right now." There's plenty of humour too, like this one: "If the debt ceiling breaks does Canada crash into the US?"

We've captured some of the more entertaining tweets.