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Canada's Debt Ceiling Fears: Your Responses To A Potential U.S. Default

The debt crisis may be happening south of the border, but it's front of mind for many Canadians. On Wednesday, HuffPost Canada's Rachel Mendleson explained six ways a default in Washington will impact Canada.

Our readers were quick to share their concerns in our comments and on Facebook. Many of you had strong opinions about how what President Barack Obama, the House and the U.S. Senate should be doing.

stanschurman: "The thing that gets me about the Republican mantra about not raising taxes on the top earners, aka the "job creators", is that they've had the Bush tax breaks for a decade, so where are the jobs? Is their take on it 'you think we haven't created jobs with the tax breaks? Take the breaks away and we really really really wont create any'?"

Skiwee: "The US debt ceiling will be raised. All we're looking at right now is alot of political postering and pandering. If it's one thing the Repubs love more than a higher power is money."

TonyOnly: "It's a falacy that tax cuts create jobs. Increased business is what causes companies to hire new employees. The only people who benefit from corporate tax cuts are shareholde­rs."

Sam Huston: "If Obama had gotten his fiscal act together instead of pushing for socialist reforms we wouldn’t be in this dire situation. And seeing that he still doesn’t get it, he should go play a round of golf or something and leave the budget negotiatio­ns to the big boys."

W-Ender: "Wonder how long it will be when you buy a Hallmark card and on the back it will say:

USA $3.95 Canada $3.50. I predict a few years...."

Tanrioldu: "boehner and his goons are trying to run the country into a second recession. obama is the only adult in this entire debate."

You also shared your thoughts with us on Facebook:

Andy W. Taylor: "when the elephant gets a cold, the mouse gets pneumonia"

Roger Kirkpatrick: "That useless Obama gets his way. He has to go."

Stephanie White: "Harper worries me the most. He is almost as bats--t insane as the GOP'ers in the states."

Juliette Fontaine: "The place was a severe mess before Obama..he merely inherited it."

Of the 85 people who answered our Facebook poll on Wednesday, 59 per cent said they're very concerned about the U.S. debt crisis, with 28 per cent saying they were somewhat concerned.

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