08/01/2011 09:05 EDT | Updated 10/01/2011 05:12 EDT

Body Of Roberta McIvor Found In Manitoba's Sandy Bay First Nation

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AMARANTH, Man. - A family in Manitoba is struggling to come to terms with the gruesome details of the death of their daughter, saying police told them the woman's body had been found decapitated.

Cindy Rubio said she was told the body of her 32-year-old daughter, Roberta McIvor, was found on the Sandy Bay First Nation, on the western side of Lake Manitoba, on Saturday.

Police told the family the woman's remains had been found on opposite sides of a road, Rubio told The Canadian Press in a phone interview on Sunday.

RCMP have only said publicly that they are investigating the death of a female and that they consider it a homicide. An autopsy was scheduled for later Sunday.

Rubio said she last spoke to her daughter on Friday night, and that she was planning to spend the evening with family and friends.

McIvor leaves behind a 14-year-old daughter.

The close-knit family said the news, and the gruesome circumstances, have been hard to accept.

"We all got along very well. We all loved her so much," said Tracy Levasseur, McIvor's former mother-in-law.

McIvor's cousin, Kayla McIvor, 24, said they spoke to each other every day. She said her cousin was fun, outgoing and liked by everyone.

On Saturday morning, Kayla McIvor said she got a call from another one of her cousins that something was up and that a body may have been found. She immediately started phoning the rest of her family.

"They told me it might be her. They couldn't find her anywhere and that she's been missing and they'd been looking for her all day. And then finally they told me it was her," McIvor said.

"I didn't know what to feel. I was so heartbroken."

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