08/03/2011 10:30 EDT | Updated 10/03/2011 05:12 EDT

Mercedes-Benz Has Best July On Record, Sells 100,000 Cars

Flickr: Joao Paulo Cars

FRANKFURT - Daimler AG says its Mercedes-Benz luxury car brand had its best July on record, increasing vehicle sales 2.7 per cent to 100,391.

Sales for the month rose 42 per cent in China and 9 per cent in the United States, two key markets.

Strong sales of luxury cars and SUVs in China helped Daimler and German competitors Volkswagen AG and BMW AG to large profits in the second quarter of the year. Stuttgart-based Daimler saw net profit increase 30 per cent to €1.7 billion ($2.5 billion).

Mercedes-Benz sales in July also rose strongly in Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, South Africa and Turkey.