08/03/2011 06:15 EDT | Updated 10/03/2011 05:12 EDT

Quebec Youth Camp Accident Injures Dozens


SHERBROOKE, - A pastoral joyride turned into a traumatic scene at a Christian children's camp Wednesday, when a farm tractor and its accompanying trailer flipped over and 59 people were sent to hospital.

The vast majority of those injured were children, mainly aged seven to 10.

Police said some of the injuries were serious but none were life-threatening. Authorities said the more serious injuries consisted, mainly, of things like broken bones.

"We need to reassure people -- especially parents," said Stephane Tremblay, director of professional services at the University of Sherbrooke Hospital Centre.

"People's lives are not in danger."

Provincial police have been called in to help investigate.

The accident happened while the hay tractor descended a slope and its trailer tipped over with dozens of people inside.

Passengers were flung from the vehicle.

About 10 ambulances rushed to the scene and ferried people away to different area hospitals.

In the ensuing chaos, authorities offered wildly divergent numbers about how many people had been hurt.

Tremblay later explained that 16 people (13 of them children) were sent to Fleurimont hospital in Sherbrooke while 43 (including 40 children) were transported to Hotel Dieu.

Another hospital spokeswoman said there were 27 people actually listed as injured -- 22 of them children.