08/15/2011 05:37 EDT | Updated 10/15/2011 05:12 EDT

Jonathan Bacon Death: Brothers Have A Storied Past

VANCOUVER - Here is a timeline of the some of the recent court tangles of Jonathan, Jarrod and Jamie Bacon:

August 2005: Jonathan Bacon and two others are charged with 15 counts of drugs and weapons offences after police found a cache of automatic weapons, silencers, a bulletproof vest and a police uniform, as well as marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and more than $90,000 in cash.

April 2007: An attempted hit is made on Jamie Bacon as he pulled into his family's Abbotsford home. Bacon was only bruised because he was wearing body armour, but a later search of his vehicle prompted 10 gun-related charges and one charge of possessing oxycodone. His brother Jarrod was also charged.

October 2007: Six people are found murdered in a Surrey, B.C. apartment highrise, two of them innocent bystanders who police have said were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

June 2008: Provincial court dismisses drug and weapons charges against Jonathan Bacon after agreeing his charter rights were violated.

April 2009: Jamie Bacon is arrested and charged with murder in the so-called Surrey Six slayings. Five others are also charged.

April 2009: Dennis Karbovenic pleaded guilty in April 2009 to three counts of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in the Surrey slayings.

March 2010: B.C. Court of Appeal overturns the provincial court ruling acquitting Jonathan Bacon of drug and weapons offences and orders a new trial.

May 13, 2010: Jamie Bacon is convicted of the weapons charges stemming from the attempted hit in the family driveway. Jarrod Bacon is acquitted.

June 9, 2010: A B.C. Supreme Court judge rules that Jamie Bacon's charter rights while in jail have been repeatedly violated since his arrest, constituting cruel and unusual punishment.

Nov. 18, 2010: Supreme Court of Canada agrees to hear Jonathan Bacon's argument that his charter rights were violated when he was charged with the 2005 drugs and weapons offences.