08/25/2011 04:19 EDT | Updated 10/25/2011 05:12 EDT

Abubaker Karmos, Libya Rebel, Recognized As Official Representative to Ottawa


OTTAWA - Libya's new government now has an official representative at the country's embassy in Ottawa.

The Foreign Affairs Department has formally accredited Abubaker Karmos as interim charge d'affaires, representing the National Transitional Council of Libya.

The department says Canada will "interact" with the council as Libya's government until new elected representatives are chosen.

The council's flag has been raised with other national flags in the lobby of the Lester Pearson building, the Foreign Affairs headquarters.

The department says the Canadian embassy in Tripoli will reopen when security permits.

Diplomats sent by Moammar Gadhafi's regime were ordered out of Canada in early August.

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said the newly minted Libyan diplomat thanked Canada for its support in the efforts to oust Gadhafi.

"Canada urges all Libyans to immediately undertake a process of national reconciliation," Baird said in a statement. "We will support the NTC in developing governance and democratic institutional reforms."