08/25/2011 12:09 EDT | Updated 10/25/2011 05:12 EDT

Hells Angels' Bunker Break-In Gets Two Men Arrested

SHERBROOKE, Que. - Just because the Hells Angels aren't home doesn't mean no one is minding the bunker.

Two Quebec men, acting on a dare, found that out the hard way when they triggered an alarm at a fortified bunker in Sherbrooke on Wednesday night.

Provincial police monitoring the bunker's video surveillance system contacted their Sherbrooke counterparts who found the men inside.

Sherbrooke police spokeswoman Karine Cote says the men, aged 18 and 22, were apparently coaxed by friends into entering the sprawling complex, complete with pool, southeast of Montreal.

The building is still owned by the biker gang but has been empty since 2009 when alleged gang members were swept up in Operation SharQC.

The Quebec government has begun legal procedures to seize the building.

A Crown prosecutor will determine whether the two men will face charges.