08/25/2011 11:49 EDT | Updated 10/25/2011 05:12 EDT

Resolute Bay Crash: Initial Reports Indicate Fog, Cloud, Light Rain


RESOLUTE, Nunavut - An initial report by the Transportation Safety Board says there was cloud, fog and light rain when a chartered jet crashed into a hill while on approach to land at the Resolute airport.

Twelve people died in the crash, three survived.

The report is the first confirmation of what the weather was like Saturday when First Air flight 6560 crashed 1.6 kilometres from the airport's runway.

The report says there was a 60-metre cloud ceiling, fog with less than five kilometres of visibility, drizzling rain and light wind.

No cause of the crash has been determined, but investigators have recovered the plane's black boxes from the wreckage.

RCMP say the remains of one of the victims from Resolute has been positively identified and returned to family in the Arctic community.