08/30/2011 06:50 EDT | Updated 10/30/2011 05:12 EDT

Jack Layton E-Book Coming This Fall: Random House


TORONTO - After mourning his death just days ago, Canadians can now look forward to reading at length about Jack Layton and the issues he cared about.

Random House of Canada says it is publishing an e-book "inspired by the vision" of the late NDP leader.

"Hope Is Better Than Fear: Paying Jack Forward" will feature a collection of short essays on a number of issues championed by Layton including homelessness, Native rights and the environment.

The essay contributors will include political commentator Rex Murphy, former Toronto mayor David Milller and musician Steven Page.

Proceeds from the sale of the e-book will be donated to aboriginal youth initiatives chosen by Layton's widow Olivia Chow.

Random House says the book will be available through all e-retailers at the end of September.

"The challenge that we have set for the writers, thinkers and activists we've approached is to tap into Jack's energy, optimism and drive, to reflect on where Jack made an impact and then set us all a challenge as to where we need to go next," Anne Collins, Random House Canada vice-president said in a release.

Layton died of cancer at age 61 last Monday.