08/31/2011 08:14 EDT | Updated 10/31/2011 05:12 EDT

Vancouver Foot Is Human: Autopsy Report

VANCOUVER - An autopsy has confirmed the latest foot to wash ashore inside a running shoe in B.C. is human, says a coroner who has a mystery to solve.

Stephen Fonseca (Fon-Sec-Ah) said Wednesday the Bum Crosby size 9 men's runner is white and has blue trim.

The foot was attached to the lower leg bones and found floating Tuesday in the water along Vancouver's False Creek, which wraps around the downtown core.

Fonseca said DNA analysis will determine whether the remains are that of a man or woman.

"There was no obvious trauma to the remains," Fonseca said. "So we're certainly at a loss as to the cause of this."

He said the Vancouver Police Department and the RCMP will provide him with their missing persons' cases so he can try to determine the individual's identity.

Fonseca said once he contacts the shoe company and learns when that particular type was produced and where it was sold, he will have a window into when the person could have bought it.

"It could be somebody who had an accident and fell into False Creek and drowned. Or it could possibly be someone who jumped off one of the three bridges that are very close by."

In the past four years, about a dozen feet encased in shoes have washed up on beaches near Vancouver, along the southern Georgia Strait and off Washington state.

Most of the remains are still unidentified, although investigators have identified at least two of the feet as belonging to men who had been reported missing.

In previous cases, police have said it appeared the feet separated from bodies naturally in the water and foul play wasn't suspected.