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Lloyd Robertson Retirement: Canadians React On Twitter

After 60 years of broadcasting and more than 35 years as the CTV's chief anchor, Lloyd Robertson signed off for one last time on Thursday night.

"If someone had told me 60 years ago this would be my life, I would have said they were crazy. Most of all it's been fascinating to watch our country grow in confidence and stature," the iconic Robertson said during his sign-off.

Tributes for Robertson have been coming in from all corners of the media. CBC's Peter Mansbridge paid homage to Robertson, calling him "A Great Captain Of The Ship."

The Globe And Mail's John Doyle praised Robertson's decades of professionalism and his ability to speak to the Canadian everyman.

"He's been able to give the impression that he's intuitively in touch with a sensibility that's more suburban than urban, more middle-aged and middle-class than young and hip. He's Rotary Club-respectable, more likely to be admired at the Tim Hortons than the trendy Toronto bar."

And the National Post's Scott Stinson talked to the man days before his final sign-off. "I wanted to leave more at the top of my game and leave the broadcast in a sort of unassailable position," Robertson told the National Post.

Judging by the reactions of ordinary Canadians on Twitter, Robertson was right.

Correction: The piece mistakenly said that John Doyle's column praised Peter Mansbridge rather than Lloyd Robertson. The error has been corrected.

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