09/08/2011 12:22 EDT | Updated 11/08/2011 05:12 EST

Harper Opens Caucus With Speech Focused On Economy


The Conservative Party invited the media to attend Harper's speech to caucus.

The short length of the speech — 4 minutes and 11 seconds — took a few observers by surprise, but the subject matter was one Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeated.

He praised his own record, saying Canada continues to do well relative to most other advanced economies and said the Canadian economy had delivered 600,000 new jobs since 2009.

But as Canadians have been reminded over the summer, Harper said, the global economy remains very fragile, a fact that has "informed our decisions all along."

“As Parliament resumes this fall, our government will continue taking action to protect the financial security of hard working Canadians and to help create jobs now and for the years to come,” Harper said.

The next phase of the Conservatives' economic action will focus on helping seniors, students, new Canadians, older workers and businesses trying to avoid layoffs, the Prime Minister added.

“We will continue helping job creators through a hiring credit for small businesses and a tax incentives for manufacturing among other measures to encourage employment now," he said.

The federal government will also focus on opening new markets for Canadian products. Ottawa will work with the Obama administration to make access to the U.S. market as open and secure as possible, Harper said.

In French, the Conservative Leader said his party was devoted to preserving and promoting Canada as the best country in the world.

'We will work hard, we will do what we promised and we will continue to earn the trust of Canadians and if we are faithful to these things, I believe our government's best days and above all our countries best days still lie ahead."