09/08/2011 05:49 EDT | Updated 11/08/2011 05:12 EST

Ontario Election: New Pornographers Rebuke PC Leader Tim Hudak For Using Their Music

Flickr: Vancouver 125

TORONTO - PC Leader Tim Hudak may be striking the wrong chord with his choice of campaign music.

Hudak has been using "I'm With You" by Montreal rock band The Stills as his entrance music at rallies and "Moves" by Vancouver's New Pornographers for his exits.

He's also fond of another Montreal band — Arcade Fire — having used their tunes at past conventions.

But Hudak's liking for one of the popular bands doesn't seem to be mutual.

Pornographers lead singer Carl Newman has taken to Twitter to complain about the Tory leader's use of "Moves."

"Tim Hudak, who told you it was cool to use my song in your political campaign? Might I suggest instead 'Illegal Alien' by Genesis?" he tweeted.

A later tweet posed this cheeky question: "If Cdn. political rallies are allowed to play ANY song freely without permission, why not just cut to the chase and use 'Born To Run'?"

Hudak probably wouldn't mind using the Bruce Springsteen anthem. He's been described by one friend, federal minister Tony Clement, as a fan of the The Boss, at least in his younger days.

The NDP says it doesn't have a campaign song but uses various artists' songs after getting permission.

Leader Andrea Horwath walked into a Toronto rally Wednesday to the strains of "Dog Days Are Over" by Florence and the Machine. She's also used music by Pink and Lady Gaga.

Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty seems to be avoiding any sour notes by using a ditty penned by fellow Liberal politician Rick Johnson and his son Mike, and performed by Johnson's wife and son.

The song urges, "Build the dream of Ontario, Put your heart in Ontario, You're a part of Ontario, that's worth fighting for."

Other members of McGuinty's party seem to want to help Hudak change his tune as well. The Ontario Liberal party's Facebook page offers several choices for a new campaign song for the PC leader.

So far, Sheryl Crow's version of "The First Cut is the Deepest" is in the lead.