09/10/2011 01:15 EDT | Updated 11/10/2011 05:12 EST

Quebec premier calls for civility

Quebec premier Jean Charest is calling on all parties to kick off the fall session at the national assembly on the right foot, by being civil to each other.

There have been growing calls to introduce tougher rules for members of the provincial legislature, to stop excessisve shouting and heckling across the benches.

Some politicians have blamed that bad behaviour for feeding growing public cynicism about public life.

Charest says there is no need to legislate good behaviour, "It has to be an attitude that you bring to politics."

"You can write all the rules you want, but if there's no spirit of respect in that dialogue, you're not going to get any closer."

The Quebec Liberal caucus wrapped up a two-day retreat on Friday north of Shawinigan, ahead of the fall session.

Opposition Parti Québécois held a similar gathering in the Saguenay earlier in the week.

The national assembly reconvenes in just over a week.