09/12/2011 05:16 EDT | Updated 11/12/2011 05:12 EST

Home HIV kits unauthorized, Health Canada says

HIV test kits aren't authorized for use at home, Health Canada is reminding people.

"Accu-HIV 1 & 2 Saliva Test, or any other HIV home test kits, have not been evaluated by Health Canada for safety and effectiveness," the department said Monday.

"Inaccurate test results from unlicensed HIV test kits may provide Canadians with false test results, such as a failure to indicate HIV in an infected individual, or indicate HIV when none is present."

Accu-Metrics, a Toronto company, has voluntarily complied with Health Canada's instructions not to sell the product to Canadians through its website.

Anyone who bought HIV home test kits should check with their health-care practitioner if they are concerned about their health and report any complaints about the kits to Health Canada.

It is illegal to advertise or sell unlicensed medical devices in Canada, the department noted.

The Public Health Agency of Canada includes a list of provincial and territorial HIV/AIDS hotlines for more information on finding a testing centre.