09/13/2011 03:20 EDT | Updated 01/12/2012 02:21 EST

Bolt runs 9.85 seconds for season's best in 100 metres at Zagreb on balmy night

ZAGREB, Croatia - Usain Bolt ran a season-best 9.85 seconds to win the 100 metres at the Zagreb World Challenge on Tuesday, his first race in this event since his disqualification at the world championships last month.

Bolt shaved 0.03 seconds off his previous fastest time this year -- 9.88 at Monaco in June -- on a warm, still night.

"It was a poor start," said Bolt, the world and Olympic record-holder. "I kind of lost concentration and just went through the line.

"It was OK, I suppose, but I could have done better, especially with the weather like that."

Kim Collins of Saint Kitts and Nevis ran a season-best 10.01 seconds to finish second, ahead of Trinidad's Richard Thompson at 10.03.

With a standing room only crowd at the 61st Boris Hanzekovic Memorial, security had trouble controlling spectators as Bolt celebrated with delirious fans.

"It was wonderful, the crowd here," Bolt said. "I loved that they were excited and that the fans come up to me.

"I'm always grateful for that."

The Jamaican's news conference was cut short when too many journalists tried to force their way into the room.