09/13/2011 07:42 EDT | Updated 11/13/2011 05:12 EST

Road rage accused's common-law wife testifies

The former common-law wife of Brent Parent told the court that he appeared to be shocked when he heard about the death of Silas O'Brien, who was 21 when he died in 2008.

Two of O'Brien's friends told the court Monday that a driver in a pickup truck ran their vehicle into a ditch in Langley, and then came back and took a run at them as they stood on the road. O'Brien was hit and killed.

Jill Suter testified at Parent's trial in New Westminster, B.C., on Tuesday that she began to suspect something was wrong after watching the news.

Suter said that on the night of the alleged hit-and-run, Parent returned to their Langley home with his brother, Lloyd Teneycke, around 3 or 4 a.m. PT.

She said the brothers went to the hot tub and were being loud, apparently having fun. Teneycke slept on the living room sofa.

Suter said that the next morning, she and Teneycke were watching a TV news report about the hit-and-run death of O'Brien in Langley.

"He had his hands on his head and was saying: 'Oh my God. Oh my God,'" she said. "That was a trigger for me."

Parent was watching the same newscast from the kitchen, and he appeared to be shocked and stunned, Suter told the court.

"He didn't say anything. He looked sick and white. He just stood there," Suter said.

The news report said the suspect vehicle was possibly a white Ford F-series vehicle, which would be similar to the truck owned by Parent.

Later, Suter checked Parent's truck for damage. There wasn't anything visible, she told the court.

One or two drinks

Two men who were with Parent and his brother before the accident also took the stand.

They testfied that they spent hours at a number of establishments consuming alcohol, but said Parent only had one or two drinks that night and they had no reason to believe he was unfit to drive.

On March 13, 2008, O'Brien and two friends were driving to Seattle to catch a flight to Hawaii when their vehicle was run off the road at around 2:30 a.m. PT.

His friends testified in court that the suspect vehicle came back and swerved into them after they had climbed out of the ditch and waved for help.

Defence lawyer Vincent Michaels suggested to the court that the three friends were angry their trip had been ruined, and they rushed the returning vehicle in a threatening and aggressive manner.

Parent, 41, has pleaded not guilty to five charges related to dangerous driving and criminal negligence causing death.

The trial began Monday and is scheduled to last two weeks.