09/15/2011 10:03 EDT | Updated 01/12/2012 02:08 EST

Vancouver police post 12 new rioter photos

The Vancouver Police Department has posted 12 additional photos of unknown suspected rioters on their riot-investigation web site,, which launched just over two weeks ago.

In a statement Thursday afternoon, the VPD said that out of the 64 suspect photos that have now been posted on the website, 28 have resulted in a suspect turning himself or herself in, being arrested, or being placed under investigation.

Insp. Les Yeo, who heads up the VPD's riot investigation team, said that the response from the public has been overwhelming.

"Investigators are now making arrest at suspect's workplaces, schools and homes," he said.

One suspect was arrested at Vancouver International Airport.

After the Vancouver Canucks' Game 7 loss in the Stanley Cup final, rioters spent hours torching cars, smashing windows and looting stores in the city's downtown core, causing millions of dollars in damage.

Police collected more than 1,600 hours of video and tens of thousands of images, and took the unusual step of posting some of them for the public to see -- and hopefully name.

Yeo said at a news conference on Aug. 30 that "this was an extraordinary event in the history of our city, and it calls for extraordinary measures."

The team said that the web site has seen more than 250,000 visits so far.

Police will continue to post new photos to the site in the coming weeks.

Just 63 people have turned themselves in since the investigation began on June 15th, while more than 1,000 suspect names have surfaced since then.