09/17/2011 05:39 EDT | Updated 11/17/2011 05:12 EST

PC leader Tim Hudak a hit with the kids, lucky charm at ball toss game

TORONTO - Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak seems to be a good guy to have around when playing a game of ball toss.

The Tory leader was strolling through a street festival in Toronto with his wife and daughter this weekend when he paused at a game stall.

Hudak, who had three-year-old Miller on his hip, first befriended two chatty little girls waiting their turn to play before offering to pay for their game.

After a couple of throws and much cheering from Hudak, all three children walked away from the booth with bright yellow ducks as prizes.

"High five, nice job," Hudak told his pint-sized new friends after the game. "We've got a future baseball player."

While introducing himself to parents with young children, Hudak also revealed his enthusiasm for a certain kids TV show.

"I love 'Yo GabbaGabba'," Hudak exclaimed to one parent. "It's a good show."