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Jeremy Hunt, Harper's Aide, Featured In Ottawa Life Magazine

Jeremy Hunt, the young man often seen at Harper's side, is the subject of a small feature in the October issue of Ottawa Life magazine.

The article describes the 27-year-old Albertan as an up and comer in the world of politics and someone to watch for.

"He is Stephen Harper's gate keeper and with him 24/7. Nobody gets to the PM without going through Hunt. With the PM at all times, the job is grueling and has long hours. The job is not easy and requires a strong character. The pressure is unimaginable. But it is one of the most exhilarating in the country. Hunt accompanies the PM during all of his foreign and domestic travels," the article states.

"Jeremy is a rising star who exhibits the insight, maturity and good judgment that is demanded of those who succeed in business and politics. He is definitely one to watch in politics."

(Full disclosure: Hunt's girlfriend Alexandra Gunn also writes a style section for the magazine)

Hunt was at Harper's side Monday morning when Huffington Post Canada tried to snap a photo of the PM.

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