09/19/2011 01:33 EDT | Updated 11/19/2011 05:12 EST

Provinces, territories ready flu shot programs for October rollouts

TORONTO - Wondering when flu shots will be available this fall? Here's a look at when provinces and territories expect to start offering vaccine, how they'll do it and who is entitled to a free shot.

Alberta: Rollout to be announced the first week in October. Shots available for free to any Albertan over six months old.

British Columbia: Mid-October, through public clinics, family doctors, and some pharmacies. Free for people 65 and older and their caregivers; children and adults with chronic health conditions and their household contacts; health-care and emergency response workers; kids between six and 23 months plus household contacts and caregivers of kids under age two; women who will be in the third trimester of pregnancy during flu season; residents of long-term care facilities; aboriginal people; people who are very obese; prison guards and inmates; owners and operators of poultry farms.

Manitoba: Details of the program to be announced in early October. Availability expected to follow shortly thereafter. Program is expected to be similar to last year's, which was free to everyone over six months old.

New Brunswick: No information available.

Newfoundland and Labrador: Expected to start in mid-October. Available through health clinics and doctors' offices. Free to adults and children with chronic conditions; people in residential care and workers looking after them; people aged 60 and older; children six to 23 months; health care workers; essential service workers; First Nations people; pregnant women; poultry and swine workers; people living in households with people who are at high risk of complications from flu.

Northwest Territories: Date, details have not yet been fixed, though generally the first or second week of October. Free to all over age six months old.

Nova Scotia: Mid-October. Available through doctors' offices, some public health and workplace clinics. Free to everyone over six months old.

Nunavut: Date not yet fixed, though the territory is aiming for the third week in October. Vaccine is distributed through clinics and health centres. Free to everyone over six months of age.

Ontario: Oct. 1. Available through clinics, doctors' offices and workplace clinics. Free to everyone over six months old.

Prince Edward Island: Start date has not yet been announced. Available through long-term care facilities and hospitals; public health clinics and family doctors. Free to people in long-term care or in hospitals; health-care workers; pregnant women and children aged six to 23 months. Some health centres and family physicians may charge an administration fee for giving the vaccine.

Quebec: Nov. 1. Available through doctors' offices, and through the government's CSSS offices. Free for adults 60 and over; pregnant women in their second and third trimesters; children six to 23 months; the chronically ill; people living or working with kids under 6 months of age or other people at high risk; health-care workers.

Saskatchewan: Oct. 11. Available through flu shot clinics, public health offices and doctors' offices. Free to everyone over six months old.

Yukon: Oct. 24 for the general public, Oct. 17 for people in long-term care. Offered through flu shot clinics manned by community health nurses. Free to everyone over six months of age.