09/19/2011 08:19 EDT | Updated 11/19/2011 05:12 EST

Rob Ford To Hear Presentation On Toronto Budget Cuts, 300 Sign Up

Flickr: Tim

TORONTO - Toronto's executive committee, chaired by Mayor Rob Ford, is meeting today to discuss proposed cuts in the recent core service report.

It could end up being another marathon session as about 300 people have signed up to make presentations.

The proposed cuts include reducing affordable housing and subsidized child-care spaces, closing some library branches, reducing snow clearing and grass cutting in city parks and selling the Toronto Zoo.

There's also a proposal to sell three city-owned theatres as Toronto looks for ways to cut a projected massive 2012 deficit.

City manager Joe Pennachetti said when he issued his report last week that the proposed cuts and reductions would result in up to $300 million in savings over a four-year period.

A previous meeting of the committee that heard presentations on proposed budget cuts lasted all day and overnight after hundreds of people signed up to be heard.

The core service review will be debated at city council next Monday.