09/20/2011 01:21 EDT | Updated 11/20/2011 05:12 EST

What Matters To You? Vote On The Key Measures In The Omnibus Crime Bill

Sweeping changes to Canada's criminal-justice regime have been introduced in the House of Commons as part of an omnibus Conservative crime bill.

The Harper government said during the spring election it would bundle a series of proposed measures as part of its self-described "tough-on-crime" agenda.

It promised to pass the massive bill within 100 parliamentary sitting days.

The legislation tabled in the Commons includes nine bills incorporating changes to drug laws, youth sentencing, detention of refugees, parole and house arrest and anti-terrorism measures.

"Canadians want and deserve to feel safe in their homes and in their communities," Justice Minister Rob Nicholson declared in Brampton, Ont, at one of several news conferences constituting a full-press, public-relations effort to tout the politically popular reforms.

"They want a government that is committed to fighting crime and protecting Canadians so that their communities are safe places for people to live, raise their families and do business."

VOTE: Which measures in the Tory crime bill matter most to you?

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