09/20/2011 06:15 EDT | Updated 11/20/2011 05:12 EST

Queen's University Study: Defence Department Doesn't Listen To Experts And Parliamentarians

OTTAWA - A new study from Queen's University concludes that the Defence Department pays virtually no attention to what experts and parliamentarians say.

The report, titled Let Sleeping Dogs Lie, will be released this week by the university's defence management institute.

It argues that mountains of studies and recommendations from academics and even Commons and Senate committees almost never find their way into government policy.

Researchers Douglas Bland and Richard Shimooka paint a picture of combative defence bureaucrats who pay lip-service to suggestions and then stuff reports into filing cabinets once the media has lost interest.

The study is relevant in light of a recently completed defence review in which former lieutenant-general Andrew Leslie recommended $1 billion in cuts through a radical reorganization of National Defence headquarters.

The university study's conclusions are based on a review of thousands of pages of Access to Information documents, which suggests that senior civilian officials and even some in uniform feel obliged to oppose any criticism of existing government policy.