Seeing Red: Our Favourite Redheads

There's rarely any love for redheads.

Take the recent story that the world's largest sperm bank -- Cryos -- has started to turn down sperm from redheaded donors -- this according to The Telegraph.

The Denmark-based sperm bank's Director, Ole Schou, says the move is nothing personal against redheads. “We have just too [much sperm] in stock in relation to the demand," Schou told The Toronto Star.

This kind of discrimination against redheads is nothing new -- take it from The Huffington Post blogger Katherine Bindley who knows a thing or two about disliking having a fiery mane. Red-haired people have a long history of being called anything from carrot-tops to gingers. There's even that South Park episode claiming "gingers have no souls."

Then there's the story of the Nanaimo, B.C., high school student who, in 2008, was left with bruises when another student created a "kick-a-ginger day" Facebook group. The 14-year-old teen who was the group's administrator told The Vancouver Sun it was just a joke.

That's not to say redheads aren't willing to fight back. One young redhead took to YouTube and ranted about such discrimination. The video now has more than 20 million views.

There's also the 6th Annual Redhead Day, which recently took place in Holland. According to The Daily Mail, 1,000 red-haired people spoke out against this type of gingerism.

All of the hoopla got us thinking about the many redheads we love. We're big fans of their fiery manes -- and so much more. Check out our gallery to see the redheads we love and let us know who your favourite fiery celebs are too!