09/20/2011 11:57 EDT | Updated 11/20/2011 05:12 EST

Tetris Theme Song: Virtual Choir Sings The Famous Folk Song In Loto-Quebec Promotion (VIDEO)

WARNING: You’ll be hearing this song in your head all day.

Loto-Quebec, in a clever bit of marketing, assembled a choir of Canadians to hum pieces of the Tetris theme song for a promotion of its new instant lottery ticket.

The video, titled ‘Virtual Choir for Tetris,’ stitches the voices together in one minute of inspired Russian folk. It marks a significant improvement over the original, the accordion version, but fails to top the lyrical version, which is so good we embedded it below.

According to Wikipedia, the song is Korobeiniki, or Peddlers in English, is a folk song from the 1800s that tells the story of a peddler and a girl haggling over prices.

Tetris was the crack cocaine of 1980s video games when it first launched on early PCs and systems made by Atari and Nintendo. And it’s still a going concern. According to the official website, the addictive puzzle game is available in more than 185 countries on more than 50 platforms. The company boasts 132 million paid downloads of the mobile version of the game.

WATCH the Virtual Choir below, and underneath that, a version with lyrics (NSFW)