09/21/2011 05:35 EDT | Updated 11/21/2011 05:12 EST

As Rugby World Cup progresses, world's worst team plugs away in Finland

HELSINKI - As the world's best rugby teams continue their quest for World Cup glory in New Zealand, spare a thought for players on the other side of the globe, and at the other end of the skills level.

Make that Finland — officially the worst rugby team in the world.

The International Rugby Board (IRB) ranks qualified national teams from leading New Zealand at No. 1 to 93. Finland props up the bottom of the table, languishing behind even lesser rugby nations such as Cameroon, Guam and Peru.

Team captain Steve Whittaker, an Englishman who's lived in Finland for more than a decade, however, begs to differ, saying: "Is it fair to say we're the worst team in the world? No. Quite clearly not."