09/27/2011 10:49 EDT | Updated 11/27/2011 05:12 EST

McGuinty Hand Gestures During Leaders' Debate Get A Following On Twitter


TORONTO - For a premier who's known for his even temper, Dalton McGuinty was so animated during Tuesday's Ontario leaders debate that his hands may have upstaged his message.

The usually reserved McGuinty was so effusive in some of his responses that his hands garnered their own following on Twitter, with some observers wishing someone would tie his arms down with duct tape.

"Does Dalton McGuinty have strings on his arms, like a marionette?" said one.

"I keep waving at my tv screen because I feel like McGuinty is waving at me. Oh wait, he's just flailing his arms."

McGuinty, said another, "takes flight from flapping arms."

Other tweets made reference to McGuinty's waving arms resembling a ''demented windmill."

The Liberal leader spent much of the debate fending off attacks from his less-animated opponents — Tim Hudak of the Progressive Conservatives and Andrea Horwath of the New Democrats.

Afterwards, he shrugged off questions about his level of excitement, saying he was just happy to finally have an opportunity to speak directly to Ontarians, who go to the polls on Oct. 6.

"There’s a bit of adrenaline working there and it's a rare opportunity," said McGuinty.

"You’ve only got 90 minutes and you want to make the very best of it, and not just on behalf of yourself, but you've got 106 of your candidates who are counting on you to do the best that you can."