09/30/2011 06:00 EDT | Updated 11/30/2011 05:12 EST

Clifford Olson Death: Victims Sketches


VANCOUVER - Here are thumbnail sketches of Olson's 11 victims:

Christine Weller

Olson's first victim, 12-year-old Christine Weller disappeared on Nov. 17, 1980, while riding her bike home in Surrey, B.C. Initially, police didn't treat her death as suspicious. Her body, which was stabbed and showed signs of strangulation, was found along Fraser River dikes in nearby Richmond on Christmas Day.


Colleen Daignault

Colleen Daignault of Surrey, B.C., was 13 when she disappeared on April 16, 1981. She was raped and murdered before her body was dumped in isolated woods, where it was found five months later.


Daryn Johnsrude

Daryn Johnsrude, 16, had been in Vancouver for two days on a visit from Saskatoon when he disappeared from a local mall on April 21, 1981. His body was found less than two weeks later on May 2.


Sandra Wolfsteiner

Sandra Wolfsteiner was hitckhiking from her boyfriend's home on May 19, 1981, when Olson picked up the 16-year-old and offered her a window-cleaning job. Her remains were found several weeks later in the Fraser Valley bush.


Ada Court

Thirteen-year-old Ada Court disappeared on June 21, 1981, while waiting for a bus after a babysitting job in the same apartment complex where Olson lived. Her body was found two months later. A logging camp chef interrupted Olson disposing of the body.


Simon Partington

Simon Partington, 9, of Surrey,B.C., disappeared July 2, 1981, while riding his bike to a friend's home. Police had classified previous disappearances as runaways, but admitted Simon was the victim of foul play.


Judy Kozma

Olson abducted 14-year-old Judy Kozma on July 9, 1981, and plied her with liquor and drugs before killing her. Her body was found in a wooded area on July 25.


Raymond King

Raymond King Jr., 15, was at a youth employment centre on July 23, 1981, when Olson lured him away with the promise of work. Olson brutally beat King and dumped his body in a remote camping ground.


Sigrun Arnd

Sigrun Arnd was an 18-year-old student visiting from Germany when she disappeared on July 25, 1981. Her disappearance wasn't noted until Olson eventually confessed. Olson cashed Arnd's travellers cheques two days later at a bank in Hope, the same day he killed another teenage girl.


Terri Lyn Carson

Terri Lyn Carson, 15, disappeared on July 27, 1981. Olson drugged, raped and strangled her before abandoning her body in a wooded area along the Fraser River.


Louise Marie Chartrand

Olson abducted 17-year-old Louise Marie Chartrand on July 30, 1981, while she was on her way to a night job as a waitress. Olson drove her to an area near Whistler, B.C., and killed her before burying her body in a shallow grave. Hours earlier, RCMP investigators met with Olson and offered him cash to act as an informant to help with unsolved murders.