09/30/2011 11:02 EDT | Updated 11/30/2011 05:12 EST

Further leakage: Former Liberals in Manitoba endorse NDP candidates

WINNIPEG - The struggling Manitoba Liberal election campaign has been dealt another blow with two high-profile Liberals endorsing NDP candidates.

Former members of Parliament Anita Neville and John Harvard have signed letters of support for New Democrat candidates Theresa Oswald and Sharon Blady.

The letters urge Liberal voters to vote strategically and support the NDP to prevent the Progressive Conservatives from winning the seats.

Oswald and Blady are in tight races against Tory candidates in two suburban Winnipeg seats.

Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard says he's disappointed, but respects his former colleagues' right to pick sides.

Opinion polls suggest Liberal support has dropped sharply since the last election and the party is facing the possibility of losing its only seat in Tuesday's election.