10/02/2011 08:15 EDT | Updated 12/02/2011 05:12 EST

Occupy Wall Street Becomes Occupy Bay Street As Protests Spread To Canada


TORONTO - Activists are planning an occupation of Toronto's financial district, following in the footsteps of protesters currently camped out on Wall Street.

A group calling itself Occupy Toronto Market Exchange has launched a website to organize a march on Bay Street beginning Oct. 15.

That's a Saturday, when the stock exchange is closed and few people are working in Canada's financial capital.

About 830 people on Facebook have replied they would attend the event in Toronto.

Occupations are also planned in the streets in other Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Montreal and Calgary.

South of the border, protesters speaking out against corporate greed and other grievances remain in Manhattan's financial district.

They are holding their ground even after more than 700 of them were arrested during a march on the Brooklyn Bridge in a tense confrontation with police.

The group Occupy Wall Street has been camped out in a plaza for nearly two weeks staging various marches, and had orchestrated an impromptu trek to Brooklyn on Saturday afternoon.

Protesters are speaking out against corporate greed, government bailouts, and income inequality amid high unemployment and the prospect of another recession.

In Canada, where banks were not bailed out by government and the financial system is more regulated, the economy is relatively healthier than in the U.S.

But Canada's economic growth has been slowing down leading some to believe this country could also be headed for recession.