10/03/2011 04:26 EDT | Updated 12/03/2011 05:12 EST

Rift emerges within Quebec's anti-corruption unit

MONTREAL - A public rift has emerged within Quebec's anti-corruption unit.

Differences between its boss and its most famous employee were laid bare during a news conference today.

Robert Lafreniere, the commissioner of the provincial unit, says he intends to have a "frank discussion" with his subordinate Jacques Duchesneau.

Lafreniere is expressing displeasure with Duchesneau's public criticism of the anti-corruption unit.

Duchesneau is a former Montreal police chief who now heads one specific division of the anti-corruption unit — the one responsible for fighting criminal collusion.

He has created waves with an incendiary report outlining ties between organized crime groups like the Mafia, the construction industry and political parties in Quebec.

In recent days Duchesneau has also held a news conference and appeared as a guest on a popular talk show.