10/04/2011 11:25 EDT | Updated 12/04/2011 05:12 EST

Manitoba Liberals fighting to hold their seat in the Manitoba legislature

WINNIPEG - Manitoba Liberal Leader Jon Gerrard voted in his home riding of River Heights and says he thinks his party has earned respect during the election campaign.

Gerrard says the Liberals have shown themselves to be fiscally responsible and have provided new ideas for rapid transit and education that sets them apart.

Going into the election, Gerrard held the only Liberal seat in the 57-seat legislature and the party's support has slipped in opinion polls.

He had to share the attention at his polling station since Tory Leader Hugh McFadyen (mihk-FAH'-din) lives in River Heights and also voted there, although he holds the seat of Fort Whyte.

Manitoba's NDP government is seeking a fourth term in office in today's election.

It's the first time the party has run under new leader Greg Selinger, who replaced Gary Doer when he left to become Canada's ambassador to the United States.