10/06/2011 02:31 EDT | Updated 12/06/2011 05:12 EST

McGuinty says big Liberal rallies have been inspiring for his re-election bid

OTTAWA - Premier Dalton McGuinty was all smiles as he voted in his Ottawa riding before heading home to call Liberal candidates to offer encouragement while they await the election results.

A confident-looking McGuinty and his wife Terri cast their ballots at Lord Featherstone Public School in Ottawa South in the Alta Vista neighbourhood.

The Liberal leader says he’s feeling good after watching crowds grow throughout the campaign went on, saying he felt a real sense of momentum that was inspiring.

Liberal strategists are confident they won’t lose the election, but admit they could be reduced to a minority government.

McGuinty, who’s campaign theme has been Forward Together, joked with workers on his plane today that if the news is all bad tonight, the slogan will be Keep It Together.

But he knows that’s not likely to happen, with polls showing the Liberals could even be returned with their third straight majority.

As he has for the past two election victories, McGuinty will hold is post-election rally at the historic Chateau Laurier hotel.