10/06/2011 10:48 EDT | Updated 12/06/2011 05:12 EST

Nova Scotia says it will continue with $20 bounty for coyote pelts

HALIFAX - The Nova Scotia government says it will continue with its controversial bounty on coyotes.

The Natural Resources Department offered trappers a $20 bounty for each coyote pelt as part of a program introduced in April of last year.

The move came in response to fears that coyotes were getting more aggressive towards people.

In a statement, the department says the same incentive will be offered this year during the regular trapping season, which runs Oct. 15 to March 31.

The department says the results of this year's bounty will be reviewed when the trapping season ends.

The government says 2,643 coyotes were killed under the program by 13 licensed trappers from Oct. 15, 2010, until March 31 of this year.

The Opposition Liberals says the bounty is a waste of public money and wildlife advocates have argued that such measures are ineffective.

Natural Resources Minister Charlie Parker says the bounty is one part of a larger program that has improved public safety.

Note to readers: CORRECTS figure for number of coyotes killed in bounty.