10/06/2011 04:30 EDT | Updated 12/05/2011 05:12 EST

Quickfacts: A list of registered political parties in the Ontario election

TORONTO - Ontario's election campaign ends with the vote today. A list of the 21 registered parties with abbreviation or short form (in brackets):

Canadians Choice Party (CCP)

Communist Party of Canada (Ontario) (Communist)

Family Coalition Party of Ontario (FCP)

Freedom Party of Ontario (FP)

Green Party of Ontario (Green Party of Ontario)

New Democratic Party of Ontario (Ontario NDP/NPD)

Northern Ontario Heritage Party (NOHP)

Ontario Liberal Party (Ontario Liberal Party)

Ontario Libertarian Party (n/a)

Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party (Ont. C.O.R. Party)

Pauper Party of Ontario (Paupers)

Paramount Canadians Party (n/a)

Party for Human Rights in Ontario (PHRO)

Party for People with Special Needs (PPSN)

People First Republic Party of Ontario (PFRPO)

Peoples Political Party (The People)

Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario (PC Party of Ontario)

Reform Party of Ontario (Reform)

Socialist Party of Ontario (Socialist)

The Only Party (TOP)

Vegan Environmental Party (Vegan Environmental Party)