10/08/2011 01:09 EDT | Updated 12/07/2011 05:12 EST

Manitoba Election: Recounts Likely In Two Ridings


WINNIPEG - The final vote have been tallied and it looks like two ridings in Manitoba are headed for recounts.

After ballots from prisons and hospitals were counted, Elections Manitoba released final numbers Friday in all ridings.

In St. Norbert, NDP candidate Dave Gaudreau is still in the lead but only by 30 votes over Conservative Karen Velthuys.

Initially, it had been thought that Gaudreau was about by about 150 votes but Elections Manitoba said that was due to an error.

There is also only a 29-vote margin of victory for the NDP in the Winnipeg riding of Kirkfield Park.

Automatic recounts are held if the final difference is less than 50 votes.