10/12/2011 10:17 EDT | Updated 12/12/2011 05:12 EST

Owner of pot-bellied pig can't convince Regina to change no-pig bylaw

REGINA - Bacon the pot-bellied pig could end up in hot oil, despite the efforts of his owner, Maureen Moldovan.

She has been fighting to have the city of Regina change its bylaws, which prohibit keeping pigs and chickens in city limits.

Moldovan, who has owned Bacon for two years, says he's more like a dog than a pig.

She says he even ran outside recently to alert Moldovan when her husband suffered a heart attack.

But city councillors have voted to keep the bylaws the way they are.

Councillor Michael O'Donnell says every other western city prohibits swine of any kind from being kept in the city and he doesn't want to open Regina up to any precedents.

“I don’t see an overwhelming public support for this,” said O’Donnell.

However, councillor Wade Murray says it's unlikely the city would round Bacon up unless someone filed a complaint.

“If Bacon continues to be a good little pig things will continue to be fairly smooth,” said Murray.

Moldovan says she'll take her case to the Supreme Court if she has to.