10/12/2011 03:46 EDT | Updated 12/12/2011 05:12 EST

Saskatchewan NDP promise to spend more to recruit doctors, build health clinics

SASKATOON - The NDP are making election campaign promises that they say would build a healthier Saskatchewan.

Speaking in Saskatoon, NDP Leader Dwain Lingenfelter pledged more money to recruit doctors, especially in rural areas.

He also promised 30 primary health care clinics for the province and cash to bolster hospital emergency rooms.

Lingenfelter says health care wait times are too long and medical services aren't accessible enough.

The NDP say they will also spend more on midwifery, speech therapy, childhood disabilities and reinstate coverage for chiropractic care.

The health promises would cost the province more than $31 million.

Later in Prince Albert, he announced a prevention-focused plan that would provide accessible dental health care for all children aged five to 12.

“Childhood dental care is critical in promoting later overall health,” said Lingenfelter. “Without access to a consistent dental care program, our children are at risk of tooth decay and more serious health problems. Early years are critical years in dental and all health care.”

The program will cover basic preventive dental health care including check-ups, fluorides, sealants and basic fillings. He said that by working in partnership with the school system, the service will be efficient and accessible to all.

Lingenfelter said an NDP government would also work with private dentists to negotiate a fee-for-service arrangement for children who require larger fillings or more complex preventative treatments such as orthodontics.