10/12/2011 04:01 EDT | Updated 12/12/2011 05:12 EST

Saskatchewan Party's Wall promises to expand clothing, sports benefits to 18

PRINCE ALBERT, Sask. - Saskatchewan Party Leader Brad Wall is promising to expand the Active Families Benefit to children up to the age of 18 if his party is re-elected on Nov. 7.

The tax benefit was introduced in 2008 for children aged six to 14 to help families with the cost of their children’s participation in cultural, recreational, and sports activities.

The cost of the extended benefit is estimated to be $5 million annually.

Wall also announced that the PST exemption on children’s clothing will now be raised to include children up to 18 years old — right now, the exemption is for children 14 and under.

The premier says these new measures will help parents with the costs of raising their children.

He says if a low-income family is not paying any provincial income tax because we’ve increased the basic exemption, they’re going to have a bit more money to invest in sports and cultural activities.