10/17/2011 05:48 EDT | Updated 12/17/2011 05:12 EST

Chinese Toddler Video Showing Child Run Over Twice, Ignored Sparks International Outrage

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UPDATE: News site Storyful rounds up more coverage from China on the horrific incident. The story has been front-page news and sparked huge online discussion.

The post includes more details on Wang Yue's recovery in the hospital. Warning some of the images are graphic.

A horrific video showing a toddler struck twice by two vehicles and left bleeding on a narrow market road in southern China while a dozen bystanders do nothing to help is sparking outrage around the world.

The incident, which occurred last Thursday in the city of Foshan in Guangdong province, was captured by a surveillance camera and aired by a local TV station.

It showed a two-year-old girl being knocked down and then run over by the wheels of a white van that paused briefly before speeding away, leaving the girl bleeding on the sidewalk.

Over the next several minutes, more than a dozen people can be seen walking by the injured girl, not one of them trying to help. In at least one case, a passerby steps over the girl's motionless body. In another, a motorcycle slows, then veers around the girl before continuing on its way.

The girl was struck a second time by another vehicle before a woman is seen pulling the girl off the street, leaving behind a pool of blood. Local media reports identify the woman as a trash collector who ran off to alert the girl's mother.

The video, posted on YouTube, was making headlines around the world Monday — including in China, where many viewers and readers weighed in online to question the morality of society.

China's Twitter-like service, Sina Weibo, has drawn 4.4 million comments and organized them under the heading "Please end the cold-heartedness."

The Chinese news agency Xinhua said the two-year-old girl, identified as Wang Yue, remains in hospital in a deep coma.

State media on Tuesday quoted the Guangzhou Military District General Hospital as saying that the child is unlikely to recover.

Chinese police said the drivers of both vehicles have been arrested.

Warning: Disturbing Video

Description of the video

The video clip showing the toddler being hit, ignored, then dragged away by the woman. Later in the clip, it features interviews with the elderly woman in Cantonese. Here’s a translation of what the woman said.

While cameras looked on, she tried to comfort a grieving family member, saying she was trying to call for help from many people

Later on, in interviews, she described how she dragged the girl to side, then how she went out looking for help.

The reporter at the 2:20 mark asked “at that point, were you looking for people to help?”

The woman said she asked people all around, but no one acknowledged my pleas.

Then the reporter asked at the 2:30 mark: When you took her aside, was she conscious?

The woman said, “Yes, she was awake. One eye was closed, one eye was open,” then added that the girl was really heavy, and she didn’t have the strength to carry her, leaving her to look for help.

“Why didn’t so many people walking help?” she asked reporters at the three-minute mark, saying she walked all over the place, including the nearby stairs. She said she was asking passersby “why aren’t you helping?”

The reporter asked at the end, “Were you scared about the inconvenience of helping out?”

The women replied: “I wasn’t thinking about that. I wasn’t thinking about whether I should bother.”

Translation by The Huffington Post Canada