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'Hot Man' App From Rethink Breast Cancer Reminds Women To Check Their Breasts Regularly (VIDEO)

We're in the second half of breast cancer awareness month, and there's no better time to remind all the ladies that checking your breasts regularly is key to early cancer detection. The folks at Rethink Breast Cancer have come up with an unforgettable way to make sure women remember do their monthly checks: the Your Man Reminder app. That's right: a hot man app for your boobs.

Download the free app to your iPhone and you can choose from a variety of hot men that will help you keep up with keeping your breasts healthy, from the superstar athlete to the boy-next-door to the smooth heartbreaker. App users get tips on how to give their breasts 'TLC' (that's touch, look, check), learn about signs and symptoms of lumps and, of course, get a monthly breast-check and a doctor's appointment reminder from their chosen hot man.

Rethink Breast Cancer has been working to change the face of breast cancer for a decade, with initiatives like the Boobyball and the Target Breast Cancer T-shirt campaigns aimed at increasing awareness to the under-40 crowd.

We're betting their promo video for the Your Man Reminder app is going to increase awareness alright -- it's already gotten more than 750,000 views on YouTube. Warning: there are a lot of abs, biceps and pecs on display. We're fairly certain you can handle it. (Mobile users: Click on this link to watch the video if you're having trouble)

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