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Tories Fund Newtopia: Government Invests Nearly $250,000 In Weight-Loss Business

Losing weight just became government business.

The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario yesterday announced it is lending an online weight lost company nearly $250,000 to beef up its web portal and allow it to chase business across Canada and into the United States.

"We got some money! Yes," a thrilled Jeff Ruby, Newtopia's founder told Huffington Post Thursday.

Newtopia uses "really cool" personal genetic testing, Ruby said, to identify what diet plans, exercise regimes and coaching, or as he calls it "behavioral well-being," to put people on.

"It's not like going to a weight-loss centre or to a gym, we've tried to eliminate the need to go anywhere by providing all these tools for you online or on your mobile device," Ruby said.

"We are really trying to reinvent the way people lose weight and live healthy," he said. His business also makes its own health care products to compliment their weight-loss plans.

Associate Defence Minister Julian Fantino made the announcement, saying through investments like the repayable contribution of $248,720, the Conservative government was helping start-ups grow into global leaders.

But the federal cash doesn't just provide a needed loan, according to Ruby, it also gives his business added credibility.

"Banks can give us money, but the Government of Canada provides great credibility," he said.

Ruby said his company has helped over 1,000 clients in the last three years lose weight and enjoys an 80 per cent success rate in helping them achieve and sustain their goals.

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