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Libya Uprising: Canadian Politicians Offer Welcoming Words As Nation Declared Liberated

From Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Today, Canadians join with the Libyan people in celebrating the liberation of their country.

The Libyan people have courageously risen up against decades of tyranny. Canada's involvement, as sanctioned by the United Nations and led by NATO, has supported their aspirations for the future.

We join Libyans in welcoming the post-Gaddafi era and the transition of the country to a democratic society - one that respects human rights and the rule of law.

We again commend the work of members of the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force and the leadership of Canadian Lt. Gen. Charles Bouchard. Their efforts have led to the success of NATO's mission in Libya. NATO has taken a preliminary decision to conclude the mission at the end of October.

Canada will continue to work with transitional leaders as the new Libya takes shape.

From Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic Dominic LeBlanc:

Today marks a new beginning for Libya, as its future is finally and fully in the hands of the Libyan people.

The efforts of the Libyan people can now turn toward creating the fair, equal and open society that they envision, with a focus on equal rights and the rule of law. Rebuilding will take great commitment and strength, and Canada must stand with the Libyan people as they embark on this momentous task.

This is a day of celebration for Libya and the world. It is a testament to the pervasiveness of the ideals of freedom, justice and equality and the resolve of the human spirit."

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