10/24/2011 12:50 EDT | Updated 12/24/2011 05:12 EST

Demonstrators rally at city hall ahead of Toronto council vote on shark fin ban

TORONTO - About 200 people demonstrated outside Toronto city hall today against a proposal to ban the sale of shark fins in the city.

Many wore signs that say a ban would be "an unfair and irresponsible act."

Council is expected to vote on the proposal today or Tuesday while Oakville, Brantford and Mississauga have already banned the delicacy which is used in soup.

One man called for councillors to do their research before making a decision.

He says people who legally fish for shark don't cut off the fin and throw the rest of the shark back, they sell it to fish mongers who sell the whole fish.

But Rob Sinclair of WildAid, which supports a ban, notes shark fin is the largest illegal trade concerning wildlife by far. (CFRB, 680 News)